Lafco Holiday Candles

Combining evocative fragrances with artfully colored glass vessels, our soy candles transform your space with echoes of places you’ve been before and transport you to places you long to be. - Lafco

The *new* Lafco candle collection is in and the store smells deliciously festive! We’ve stocked both Woodland Spruce and Hazelnut Torrone.

Woodland Spruce mimics the aroma of an enchanted winter forest is created by combining the natural essence of warm birch, earthy palo santo wood, and evergreen spruce. Fir balsam and juniper berries capture a crisp, wintery spirit.

While Hazelnut Torrone embodies a mouth-watering aroma of a traditional Italian confection is created by combining the essence of slow-roasted hazelnuts coated in dark honey folding gently into a velvety mixture of sugar and sweet vanilla. A delectable scent that pays homage to a charming, old-world holiday tradition.

This limited edition collection won’t last long, swing by today to grab yours.

The popular Champagne lotion & soap set also received a festive makeover 😉 

yesterday is history, tomorrow is a
mystery, but today is a gift.
that’s why it’s called the present.